The Graveyard Shift #4 01/04/2018

Sharrock Tibbins feels as if the light has gone out in his life until he meets The Candle Snuffer (Part 01).

Rick Nightmare’s grandparents would tell him the stories and show him ornate poetry books in the study to thumb through including the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Keats and Shelley along with encyclopedias, Shiver and Shake comics, The Hamlyn Book of Horror, and Roald Dahl.

Rick’s Grampy was a commercial artist whose sense of colour coordination and graphic excellence made him highly sought after and his inspiration to succeed in the arts. At the age of 18, Rick embarked on a career in the Graphic Arts and Advertising with his quick pen visuals and quick strap line ideas winning numerous high profile clients.

He began writing little stories but really flourished as a lyric writer and singer writing and recording original material with his best friend, Matt for over 20 years. With this success, Rick was encouraged to delve deeper into storytelling and write with diversity branching out to blogs, web copy, poems, short stories and, of course, his beloved lyrics. Rick used to write so much in the corner of a little launderette on notepads, now replaced by his iPhone at all hours of the day and night.

Today he draws his inspiration from the insanity of a young family, his friends, news and current affairs and, of course, the horrible dreams that creep into his head every night to inspire the compendium of the macabre and downright horrific that you can browse with impunity at his site:

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