The Graveyard Shift


You sit in a darkened room, a cold cup of coffee in your hand. The radio glows green in the corner with a fluorescence from another world. You hear a slight hiss, a crackle, and then silence again. One further short hiss disturbs your reverie and then a loud bang as the radio springs to life…

The Graveyard Shift is a monthly radio show hosted on Mixcloud and devoted to short, original horror tales, narrated and produced by the team at LoriHajiTura. Try not to listen alone.

Schedule 2018/2019:

February 4th: Something Else Came by James Stanger

March 4th: The Man in the Blue Jeans by Anna Gliff

April 8th: I Am the Night by R. J. Jones

May 6th: Rick Nightmare

June 3rd: Beggar’s Banquet by James Stanger

July 1st: Lost in Time by Anna Gliff

August 5th: TBC

September 2nd: Rick Nightmare

October 7th: Bull by James Stanger

November 4th: Beyond by Anna Gliff

December 2nd: TBC

January 6th: Rick Nightmare

The Graveyard Shift is produced by LoriHajiTura – all rights reserved 2018