The Flange & Frigate #026 – Ruith A-Mach!

Ruith A-Mach! That’s Gaelic for Freak Out, because in today’s Flange & Frigate Show DJ GeorgyGirl gives you a loaded two hours of Scottish sounds from the 60s. Lulu! The Poets! Donovan! Pentangle! One in a Million! The Beatstalkers! And more! 1 pm to 3 pm (EST)/6 pm to 8 pm (GMT) Listen! Chat! And…

Hi-Waisted Modernists #020 – Don’t Worry! It’s Organic

Archive show now available! DJ GeorgyGirl embraced life in this week’s Hi-Waisted Modernists and had something to talk about in the locker room. Don’t worry! It’s organic. Every Wednesday: 3 pm to 4 pm EST/8 pm to 9 pm GMT Listen, chat, and share! #LibraryMusic #SpokenWord #IncidentalMusic #HaroldAndMaude #HalAshby #BudCort #RuthGordon

LoriHajiTura with DJ GeorgyGirl – April 2019 Kindness

This month’s LoriHajiTura is all about kindness – a balm for the day from my heart to yours. Enjoy! #NowSound #EasyListening #Lounge #SunshinePop #LibraryMusic IDENTS: Record Roulette Club Not So Kwyet Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with DJ Honey Steam’s Jukebox Shuffle