301 – 308

Lorihajitura Magazine Issue 003

We’re going outta sight with iconic cops on the mean streets and under cover with sexy secret agents on either side of the Iron Curtain and more.

Over these next eight weeks, we review movies like Danger DiabolikAgent from H.A.R.M., S.P.I.E.S., and Operation 007. We countdown the Top Ten greatest TV themes ever and check out some groovy Playboy adverts and promotions.

We look at Bond rip-offs like Matt Helm and Derek Flint, examine the case of The People vs. Jessica Fletcher, cast our eyes over the finest cop cars ever committed to screen. We also try and figure out why on earth Telly Savalas thought it was a good idea to wax lyrical about Birmingham, Aberdeen, and Portsmouth, get down with the teens in Eastern Europe, and shine a spotlight on the long-suffering lieutenants behind the desk in all those cop series on TV.

All this and more in Lorihajitura!

Check out all the playlists and enjoy!

Georgy xx

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