201 – 208

Lorihajitura Magazine Issue 002It’s terror down here and terror way out there with everything from androgynous aliens, to Z-list zombies and more.

Over these next eight weeks, we put movies like The Andromeda Strain and Silent Running into the political and social context of the times and explore the real fears behind the screen ones. We look at the top ten strangest cinema promotions and special effects, and check out the back cover adverts so we can send off for x-ray spectacles, joy buzzers, sea monkeys, and more.

We dig moog with Mort Garson and synths with Wendy Carlos Williams. We ponder whatever happened to Joan Mocine, review films like Fantastic Planet, Messiah of Evil, and Liquid Sky, and find the real Ziggy Stardust. We make our home on Moonbase Alpha and listen to Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 3000.

Check out all the playlists and enjoy!

Georgy xx

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