Playlist 108

Lorihajitura Mixcloud Radio Show Every Friday

  • Alan Tew & His Orchestra – Georgy Girl
  • Alan Hawkshaw – Hawkwind and Fire
  • Gert Wilden – Blues Party
  • Joe Farrell – Weathervane
  • The Prisoners – Come to the Mushroom
  • Brian Bennett – Disco Fever
  • Unit Eight – Can’t Get Enough
  • VA – Can’t Get Enough (Of That Hot Buttered Soul)
  • Isaac Hayes – Hospital Shootout
  • The Bob Crewe Generation – Fight in Flight
  • Los Apson – Satisfaction
  • Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, and The Trinity – Indian Rope Man
  • Hipster Image – Make Her Mine
  • My Robot Friend – I Am the Robot
  • The Pets – Hello, I Love You
  • New Bangs – Go Go Kitty
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang
  • The Seeds – Evil Hoodoo
  • Alan Tew – The Build Up
  • Sex-o-Rama – Stiffed
  • Gert Wilden – Moulinex
  • Sex World – Green Door Fantasy
  • The Bob Crewe Generation – The Black Queen’s Beads
  • Isaac Hayes – Truck Turner
  • Tony Hatch – Sounds of the Seventies

Also includes incidental music from KPM’s Progressive Pop along with vintage adverts, jingles, and trailers.

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