G eorgina Ragazza is a Brighton-based entrepreneur, make-up artist, DJ, writer, and performer. She is the Producer of Fragments of Fear, a 13 part horror series, and the Artistic Director of Rainbow Carnage. Her obsessions are cake, glitter, and the unique vocal stylings of William Shatner.

Mort Garson Zodiac Sign: Gemini the Cool Eye

C hris Hibberd is a promoter and zine writer. His credits include DollFace (music, arts, and culture), and Yoghurt (football). His obsessions are chocolate, Peppa Pig, and the unique vocal stylings of Phil Collins.

Mort Garson Zodiac Sign: Scorpio the Passionate Hero

J ames Stanger is a horror writer and photographer. His credits include Filthy CreationsThe BHF Book of Horror, and Black Book of Horror. His obsessions are sugar snap peas, nuclear war, and the unique vocal stylings of Chas and Dave.

Mort Garson Zodiac Sign: Taurus the Voluptuary