The Flange & Frigate Show #019 – A Compendium of Mismatched Curios

In today’s Flange & Frigate Show DJ GeorgyGirl urges you to sit back, relax, and enjoy some predominantly gentler sounds ahead of the upcoming two weeks long WFMU Marathon and pledge drive. It’s gonna get crazy around here! Put your feet up for a bit, loves. #British #FeyPop #Lounge #Psych #Mod #Freakbeat

The Flange & Frigate Show #018 – Troi Ar Alaw Yn Rhoi’r Gorau

Oggy! Oggy! Oggy! We’re donning leeks and daffodils here at The Flange & Frigate Show as DJ GeorgyGirl plays a selection of the finest in Welsh psych, folk, pop, and rock from the 60s and 70s. Iechyd da! (Yes, Georgy’s aware that next Friday is St. David’s Day. They changed her medication. Be kind.)

The Flange & Frigate Show #017 – Hippie Gumbo

Every week I exhort you to waft up Kensington High Street … And in this week’s Flange & Frigate Show I provide you with the perfect playlist of hippie, dippy, progged-out paisley tunes. Far out, man! #British #Psych #FeyPop #Mod #Lounge #Freakbeat

The Flange & Frigate Show #016 – Stairway Scare Dan Dare, Who’s There?

Taking you in and out, down and dirty with the best of British psych, mod, fey pop, lounge, and more, this week I’m reading your birth chart, aligning your chakras, and telling your horoscope with the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds of artists like #MortGarson, #PinkFloyd, #TheGordianKnot, #TheNice, #TheTranspersonals, and more! MIND THE GAP!

The Flange & Frigate Show #015 – Celluloid Heroes

Here we go round the mulberry bush, so catch us if you can on our yellow submarine called Tommy! Yes! This week’s Flange & Frigate Show plays a bunch of cool and groovy tunes that your favourite pop stars wrote for the movies. Grab some popcorn, man!