This month’s LoriHajiTura is all about kindness – a balm for the day from my heart to yours. Enjoy!

#NowSound #EasyListening #Lounge #SunshinePop #LibraryMusic

Record Roulette Club
Not So Kwyet
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with DJ Honey
Steam’s Jukebox Shuffle

    • GE Show and Tell – Pop Goes The Weasel
    • Rick Jones – Bang On A Drum
    • Andy Bown – Tarot
    • Bob Dorough – Three Is The Magic Number
    • Roosevelt Franklin – Keep On Trying
    • The Banana Splits – I Enjoy Being A Boy
    • Josie & The Pussycats – Stop, Look & Listen
    • Cass Elliott – Different
    • Al Caiola – The Mod Squad Theme
    • Mike Vickers – On The Brink
    • Harold McNair – The Hipster
    • Sounds Incorporated – My Little Red Book
    • Barry Gray – Stingray
    • Dave Davani – Top Of The Pops
    • The Duke Of Burlington – 30 60 90
    • Telltale- Rainbow
    • Johnny Harris Orchestra – Lulu’s Theme
    • Rick Jones – Theme From The Aeronauts



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