General illness got in the way of regular blog posts and I do apologize for that. Bear with me while I recalibrate and catch up with my writing – I’m back on the path to recovery so expect a slew of posts by the end of next week!

In the meantime, thank you so much for your patience.

Huge hugs,
Georgy x

2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Hi GG. Get well soon. Writing and creative blogs are not assembly line work! That’s for those of us still slogging off to work. But thanks for the posting the new program every Friday morning.
    Today’s is downloaded and ready to listen to it at work.
    Asked my co-worker in the adjoining veal fattening pen what he was listening to on the headphones: podcasts about sports.
    Boston sports fans… but then all sports fans are like that. craaaayyyy-z.
    It would be nice to put up some speakers in the cell block and we could all take turns playing out loud what we listen to in private.
    It would be torture listening to sports talk… but that would be overridden by joy of presenting my selections. And torturing my fellow co-workers in turn with your program, and others like the Tiki Cha Cha, Carlos and Jan’s. Maybe I could even “turn” a few to our side…
    Give my regards to dirty-bird Dave.


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