On January 2nd 2017 at 15:00 GMT we launch a brand new kind of magazine.

Sure, loads of people talk about cult movies, obscure TV shows, youth cults and trends, and outsider music.

But LoriHajiTura takes you behind all that and digs a little deeper. We’re a curious bunch with a shared love of all things weird and wonderful – and we want to know WHY.

  • Why did musical trends happen in a particular way?
  • Why did established artists veer off in a new and often perplexing direction?
  • Why did TV executives make radical format decisions that just seem plain odd in hindsight?
  • Why are some movies just so bad that they turn out to be masterpieces?
  • Why do some stars burn like meteors – and then disappear like smoke?

What Do You Get?

Every week from January 2nd 2017 you get three articles – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – that explore all these questions and so much more.

We also have a YouTube channel so you can check out the visuals to go with the words and there’s a weekly two-hour radio show as well!

It’s a regular happening, man!


You can find a plethora of movie trailers, music videos and more at the issue specific playlists over on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to subscribe for updates!

LoriHajiTura.com MixCloudTune into our Mixcloud channel for a weekly two-hour music and chat show that features all the tunes and stories mentioned in each issue.

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